Homemade Spritz: How to Create the Best Handmade Spritz at Home

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Spritzes are cocktails based on Italian aperitifs, perfect for long summer days or for gatherings with friends. If you're a spritz lover, why not try making a homemade spritz at home? Learn how to make it and discover how to create the best homemade spritz at home!

How to prepare a spritz at home?

To begin this refreshing adventure, equip yourself with the essential ingredients: Prosecco , this sparkling gold from Italy, Bigaradier, the sweet orange bitterness, and a splash of sparkling water for a zest of freshness.

In a wine glass filled with ice cubes, generously pour 3 parts of Prosecco for this sunny getaway. Then add 2 parts of bitter orange, a little liquid sunshine which will bring a deliciously balanced touch of bitterness.

But wait, the adventure is not over! Finish this creation by adding a part of sparkling water, like a light breeze that will caress your taste buds.

And for the final touch, garnish your glass with a slice of juicy orange and a green olive, the hallmark of the Venetian spritz.

What is the difference between Aperol and Campari?

Imagine wandering the bustling streets of Italy, where these two legends of the aperitif world engage in a captivating battle to conquer the palates of connoisseurs.

Aperol, first of all, will seduce you with its bright orange color and its sweet bitterness. Prepared from a recipe closely guarded since 1919, this sunny delight is made with herbs, bitter orange peel and a hint of rhubarb. Aperol will surprise you with its lightness and low alcohol content, making it an ideal ally for moments of relaxation under the Italian sun.

On the other hand, Campari will captivate you with its captivating red color and its more pronounced bitterness. Since 1860, this Italian gem has been born from the bold combination of aromatic herbs, spices and bitter orange peel. Campari will immerse you in a more robust experience, exalting the taste buds with its complex aromas and bold character.

In short, Aperol is the embodiment of summer sweetness, perfect for moments of lightness, while Campari is the symbol of elegance and robustness, ideal for adventurers in search of new flavors.

What are the possible variations of the traditional spritz?

First of all, prepare to be surprised by the "Spritz al Bitter", a version that replaces Aperol with Campari. This daring variation offers a more full-bodied and captivating touch, with a more marked bitterness that will charm the adventurous of the palate.

Then, surprise your taste buds with the “Spritz al Cynar”, a unique variation where the Cynar, an aperitif made with artichokes, replaces the Aperol. This bold alliance will immerse you in a world of intriguing vegetal flavors.

But that's not all, adventurer of flavors! The “Spritz Rosato” is here to dazzle your palate with its pink color and subtle sweetness. In this version, the sparkling white wine is replaced by rosé wine, creating a most elegant taste journey.

For lovers of the exotic, the “Spritz Tropical” is the way to explore. Here, Aperol is combined with passion fruit or pineapple juice, for a fruity and exotic getaway.

And if you're looking for an alcohol-free version, the "Spritz without" is there to accompany you in this quest. Replace the sparkling wine with sparkling water and the alcohol with a syrup of your choice, for a refreshing and deliciously casual drink.

How to adjust the bitterness or sweetness of the spritz according to your preferences?

Adjusting the bitterness or sweetness of the spritz is a subtle art that will allow you to create a personalized drink that suits you perfectly. Here are some tips for mastering this delicate balance:

  1. Control the amount of Aperol or aperitif: Aperol is the key ingredient that brings bitterness to the spritz. For a more bitter note, add slightly more Aperol. Conversely, for a milder version, slightly reduce the amount of Aperol.
  2. Adapt the quantity of sparkling wine: Sparkling wine balances the bitterness of the Aperol. If you prefer a sweeter spritz, increase the amount of sparkling wine. If you like bitterness, slightly reduce the quantity of wine.
  3. Add a syrup: To accentuate the sweetness, add a sugar syrup or fruit syrup of your choice. This will soften the bitterness of the Aperol and create a more delicious balance.
  4. Use another aperitif: If you prefer a less bitter version, experiment with other aperitifs with less bitterness, such as Select or Cynar. They will bring a different flavor while maintaining the balance of the spritz.
  5. Customize Toppings: Topping plays a key role in balancing the spritz. A slice of orange brings a fruity and sweet touch, while a slice of lemon or a green olive accentuates the bitterness.

Don't hesitate to explore different combinations until you find the right balance that will delight your taste buds. Each adjustment is a new taste adventure to experience, so go and discover your perfect spritz!

How many spritzes can you make from a bottle of Aperol?

A standard bottle of Aperol typically contains 700ml of this sweet orange nectar. To prepare a spritz, the traditional recipe recommends using 60 ml of Aperol.

So, to calculate how many spritzes you can make with a bottle of Aperol, simply divide the total amount of Aperol by the amount used for one spritz:

Number of spritzes = Total quantity of Aperol (in ml) ÷ Quantity of Aperol per spritz (in ml)

For example, if your bottle of Aperol is 700 ml:

Number of spritzes = 700 ml ÷ 60 ml ≈ 11.67

So, with a standard bottle of Aperol, you can prepare around 11 to 12 spritzes, enough to delight your guests during a pleasant evening under the Italian sun!

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