World tour of vineyards n°1


Domaine Dorrance - South Africa

Christophe Durand, originally from Calvados, settled in South Africa in the mid-90s. Through his meetings with numerous winegrowers, he developed a passion for wine and began to produce it self-taught. .

"Having only my palate and a little intuition as my guide, I had the opportunity to cultivate a beautiful Syrah vine in the Stellenbosch region. I deepened my research for exceptional terroirs. I am constantly looking for the minerality, beautiful expressions of fruit with always elegance. ​​For the past ten years, there have been more and more producers who demonstrate that this country has a perfect terroir for the production of great wines. there is a dynamic, which is now recognized throughout the world. South Africa is an old producing country benefiting from a young wine industry looking to the future!"

Castellucci Miano - Catarrato - Sicily

See you in Sicilian land! It is in the Madonies in the center of Sicily in Valledolmo that the Castellucci Miano estate is located.

The vineyards are cultivated organically and in such a way as to allow maximum biodiversity: the small plots of around one hectare, are scattered among mulberry trees, cherry trees and olive trees. The vineyards are planted amphitheatrically in the steep hills between 700 and 900 meters above sea level around Valledolmo, where we find Catarratto , an indigenous grape variety.

Its nose is intense with exotic notes and grapefruit, very seductive! In the mouth we are immediately struck by its liveliness which gives it a very nice length with a touch of bitterness which gives it relief, astonishing! The fruit is generous, expressive, the maturity is present, the wine is delicious!

To be discovered as an aperitif, with ceviche or with Arancini. Buon appetito, hello!

Renzo Masi - Chian ti Riserva - Italy

The estate is located in the heart of the Chianti Rufina region, at the top of a hill overlooking the Argomenne valley on one side, and the right of the Sieve river on the other.

The Masi family has been producing wine for three generations. From the beginning until today, the basic philosophy that has distinguished our work has always been the same: producing wines with excellent quality/price ratio.

This “ Riserva ” vintage is produced only in the best years with a selection of the best Sangiovese grapes in the Rufina zone. Slightly more mountainous, Rufina's microclimate is cooler at night, allowing the grapes to ripen more slowly. Aging in used French barrels lasts 14 months followed by aging in the bottle so that marketing is at least 30 months after production. On the palate, the woodiness is perceptible, but without aggressiveness, and gives way to nuances of black fruits and wild fruits such as blackberry , cherry and plum , as well as spicy notes such as vanilla , the highlight of cloves and cocoa . It's velvety, rich, with well-integrated tannins and an acidity that enhances the flavors and finishes with a nice length.
On the left, father Renzo and on the right, son Paolo Masi.

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