Torrontés: An Argentinian Escape to the Land of White Wines

torrontes varietal white wine

If you are an explorer looking for unique taste discoveries, Torrontés is your passport to an exciting wine adventure in Argentina. In this article, we will explore the sunny origins of Torrontés, the Argentinian wine regions that put it in the spotlight, the exquisite dishes that accompany it wonderfully, and the producing estates that make this grape variety an Argentinian treasure.

At the Meeting of Torrontés

Torrontés is a white grape variety native to Argentina, although it has Spanish roots. It was born from the combination of various Spanish grape varieties, brought by settlers to the country in the 16th century. Torrontés has since adapted to the Argentine climate to become a unique and emblematic variety of the country. It is mainly cultivated in the northwestern regions of Argentina, notably in the provinces of Salta, La Rioja and San Juan.

This grape variety is famous for its intense aromas of flowers, peach and tropical fruits, as well as its refreshing acidity. It produces aromatic, complex and balanced white wines, which are the embodiment of the sun and warmth of Argentina.

Discovering the Terroirs of Torrontés

Torrontés thrives in different wine regions of Argentina, but it particularly flourishes in the mountainous regions of the northwest of the country. Here are some of the key regions:

  • Salta : The high-altitude province of Salta is home to some of the highest Torrontés vines in the world. This altitude brings a welcome freshness to the wines, and the aromas of white flowers and tropical fruits are often at their peak here.
  • La Rioja : The La Rioja region, with its semi-desert climate, produces Torrontés with intense aromas of peach, apricot and flowers. The wines there are generally more full-bodied.
  • San Juan : San Juan is a warmer region, which is reflected in the Torrontés produced there. They are rich in aromas of tropical fruits and honey.

What do you drink with Torrontés?

Torrontés wines pair harmoniously with a variety of dishes. Here are some ideas to accompany this Argentinian wine:

  • Ceviche : The freshness and acidity of Torrontés perfectly complements the flavor of marinated seafood in ceviche.
  • Argentine Cuisine : Argentine Torrontés are wonderful companions to traditional Argentine dishes like empanadas, grilled meats and quinoa salads.
  • Asian cuisine : The floral aromas of Torrontés pair well with Asian cuisine, especially dishes made with lemongrass, ginger and coriander.
  • Hard cheeses : Torrontés pair well with cheeses like Gruyere and Pecorino.

The Adventurous Wine Estates

Argentina is full of passionate producing estates that cultivate Torrontés with dedication. Here are some of these areas:

  • Bodega Colomé : Located in Salta, Colomé is one of the oldest wineries in Argentina and a staunch supporter of Torrontés. They produce wines that reflect the unique character of their high altitude terroir.
  • Bodega El Esteco : Another winery located in the Salta region, El Esteco is known for its expressive Torrontés, as well as their commitment to sustainability.
  • Bodega Amalaya : This wine house produces balanced and refreshing Torrontés, while emphasizing sustainable practices.

Embark on a sunny escape through the Argentinian vineyards with Torrontés. Explore the exotic flavors, floral scents and warm ambiance of this unique wine region. Torrontés is Argentinian adventure in a glass, ready to be tasted.

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