When the power of Argentine wines becomes a world reference thanks to the Malbec grape variety

Malbec grape variety

Do you know Malbec-based wines? These are powerful and concentrated Argentinian wines, recognized worldwide. The Malbec grape is a variety of black grape variety popular for the production of red wines. This type of grape is one of the six grape varieties officially accepted in the blends of Bordeaux red wines. The popularity of the Malbec grape variety lies largely in its dark color and the strength of its tannins. It is mainly grown in the Cahors region, located in the southwest of France.

Where does the Malbec grape variety come from?

The Malbec grape variety from Cahors is also recognized under the name Côt . Its name helped to form the category of Cotoids, encompassing the best varieties sharing their origin in the vineyards of south-west France. With a color as dark as ebony, this grape variety has its origins in the Bordeaux region in the South-West. It is closely related to tannat and Négrette. This grape variety comes from the union of prunelard and black magdeleine from Charentes and offers unique flavors.

Even if Malbec , in Bordeaux wines, finds its origins in the southwest of France, in the Bordeaux region, it is also recognized as the emblematic grape variety of Argentina where it was imported in 1853. Among the best Malbec from Cahors we can cite this selection:

  • Château du Cèdre considered a remarkable wine from the Cahors region;
  • Château Saint-Serin “Malbec de Galets”, a red wine at €12.25;
  • Château Lacapelle Cabanac Malbec XL;
  • Malbec du Clos Cahors AOP - Jean-Luc Baldès;
  • Saint Felicien Malbec, a red wine from Mendoza in Argentina.

Malbec offers delicately velvety wines, adorned with aromas of black fruits subtly intertwined with floral notes and spices. This grape variety has an incredible ability to restore and highlight the typicality of its terroir.

The Malbec grape variety can give an unforgettable sensory experience , leaving a unique imprint on each tasting. The resulting wines are very often long-lasting wines which will mature and soften over time.

What are the main wine regions for Malbec in Argentina?

Among the main wine regions in which Malbec is grown in Argentina, we can mainly cite:

  • The regions of Mendoza (53.5%);
  • San Juan areas (40.9%);
  • The provinces of Catamarca and La Rioja ((5.5%).

Mendoza is one of the Argentine regions with the largest number of vineyards. Mendoza Argentina represents the world capital of Malbec. It remains the largest wine-growing region in Argentina and ranks among the largest in the world. Mendoza's vineyards flourish on high plateaus, at altitudes ranging from 800 to over 1200 meters, at the base of the majestic Andes Mountains . Argentinian Malbec generates concentrated and deep wines, with an aromatic palette rich in black fruits and spices, whose hue is dense, almost purple.

Thanks to cultivation at altitude, the wine-growing area of ​​Mendoza gives rise to melted wines , presenting a round texture on the palate, tannins of subtle elegance and well-balanced acidity. The region is also distinguished by the excellence of its wines made from the Cabernet Sauvignon grape variety. Among the major players in the Mendoza region, we find renowned names such as:

  • Matias Riccitelli
  • Zuccardi
  • Altos Las Hormigas
  • Catena Zapata
  • Terrazas de los Andes

In the south of France, one of the most famous producers of Malb ec varietal wines is the Baldès family, behind Clos Triguedina. The Baldès family journey is impressive. Since Etienne Baldès, in 1830, six generations of passionate winegrowers have followed. Guided by the quest for the best wine terroirs of Cahors, Clos Triguedina offers the best wines such as exceptional wines like the classic Clos Triguedina, the "Petit Clos pleasure" wine. The Clos Triguedina of Vignerons Jean Luc Baldès presents itself as a distinguished wine, displaying nuances of black fruits with a subtle touch of spices. On the palate, it reveals expressive frankness and fullness, as well as remarkable persistence.

What are the best food and wine pairings with Argentinian Malbec varietal wines?

We could imagine drinking one evening a great Argentine wine such as Cheval des Andes, Terrazas de Los Andes Malbec or a great French Malbec like Clos Triguedina by Jean Luc Baldès. But what dishes should you accompany it with so as not to miss out on the wine? Malbec goes perfectly with a variety of dishes such as:

  • Red meats such as beef, lamb and duck
  • Stewed dishes such as stews (like beef bourguignon) and game
  • Blue-veined or pressed cheeses

What are the differences between Argentinian Malbec and French Malbec?

Argentinian Malbec and French Malbec have some distinctive differences in terms of viticultural characteristics, winemaking styles, and regional influences. Malbec of French origin reveals a taste appeal marked by pleasant acidity and firm tannins. From an olfactory point of view, it often unfolds with notes of plum, blackberry, as well as discreet animal nuances.

In contrast, Argentinian Malbec frequently displays an olfactory imprint more focused on black fruit aromas. In terms of taste, they are distinguished by their roundness and richness, while remaining generous thanks to the very supple tannins.

Who are the renowned Malbec producers in Argentina?

Argentina produces the best Malbec grape wines like Catena Zapata, one of the pioneering estates known for its great vintages. Among these producers we can also mention the Matias Riccitelli estate, a visionary and modern producer located in the heart of the Luján de Cuyo region in Mendoza. The Riccitelli estate covers an area of ​​20 hectares, its vineyards occupy three distinct locations on the edge of the Andes mountain range. There are other famous producers in Argentina like:

  • Zuccardi
  • The Enemigo
  • Colome

The Malbec grape variety, from the black-skinned vine family, is an Argentinian treasure that has conquered the wine world over the years. Producing exceptional bottles, its vintages stand out with unique characteristics. From the nose, we can find intense aromas of black fruits associated with spicy notes. The estates located along the Andes, in the Mendoza valley, have been able to select the best plots for the cultivation of this emblematic grape. Winemaking techniques which have been perfected over time, combined with a greater focus on the terroir, now produce wines of greater finesse.

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