Génépi: The Mythical Mountain Liqueur

Genepi liqueur

Génépi, this Alpine liqueur, is a treasure of the mountains, distilling the very essence of the Alps in every drop. This liqueur is a sensory journey in a bottle, offering a refreshing and herbaceous escape to those who dare to discover it.

How is génep made?

Making génep is like a journey to the heart of the Alps. We start with a heroic quest to pick Artemisia, this mountain plant, at the precise moment when it reveals its flowers, an ancestral and respectful ritual. Then, in the privacy of the chalets, these green sprigs are drowned in pure alcohol, where they release their wild essence over the weeks, even months. It's a monk's patience, a well-kept secret, right down to the sweet addition that sweetens the potion. This blend, when ready, is the very spirit of the mountains captured in a bottle – an elixir of conviviality, loaded with adventure and alpine serenity. Drinking génep means savoring a piece of the Alps, a slice of mountain history. Each sip is an invitation to explore, a bit of wilderness to celebrate. Cheers to the adventure, in a nutshell!

What is the history and geographical origin of génep?

The geographical origin of génep brings us back to the beating hearts of Europe, between the dizzying peaks of France, Italy and Switzerland. It is there, in this natural amphitheater, that the genepi has found its home, a sanctuary in the middle of the eternal snows and alpine meadows.

Made from the distillation or maceration of this plant, génep is the fruit of know-how passed down from generation to generation, an Alpine tradition preserved like a treasure. Each sip of this beverage is a journey through time, a tribute to the grandiose landscapes and the spirit of freedom of the Alps. This is the génep, a heritage of the mountains, an invitation to explore the history and beauty of the peaks.

How to store génep, and what is its lifespan?

For this liqueur to retain its unique character and captivating aromas, the secret is in simplicity. Keep your bottle of Genepi in a cool place out of direct light, like a secret cave where it can rest undisturbed by the elements. No need to put it in the freezer, unless you prefer to serve it well shaken.

As for its lifespan, the génep is like an old mountain soul, it ages gracefully. Once opened, a bottle of Génépi can accompany you for years without losing its spirit, provided that it is well stored. Of course, some will say that, as with any adventure, genepi is best when shared early. But if you resist the call of the summits and decide to wait, know that your gènepi will remain a faithful companion, ready to reveal its alpine secrets with each sip, even after several years.

What cocktails or recipes can be prepared with gènepi?

Genepi lends itself magnificently to the art of mixology, transforming each cocktail into a taste adventure. Here are some creations where the genepi plays the main role:

  1. Génépi Spritz : An alpine twist on the classic Spritz. Mix génepi with Prosecco and a splash of sparkling water. Serve over ice with a slice of orange for a refreshing getaway.

  2. Mountain Martini : Replace vermouth with génep in your favorite martini. A quality gin, a dash of Génépi, shake or stir according to your taste. An olive or a twist of lemon to garnish, and here's an elegant meeting between snowy peaks and sophistication.

  3. Génépi Mojito : An alpine version of the Mojito. Crush fresh mint with sugar, add lime juice, genepi, and top with sparkling water. For those looking to refresh their palate with a herbaceous touch.

  4. Chaud Génépi : To warm hearts on winter evenings. Mix hot gènepi with honey and lemon juice. Add a cinnamon stick or anise star for a soul-warming drink.

  5. Génépi Sour : Put an alpine spin on the classic Whiskey Sour. Genepi, lemon juice, a little simple syrup, and an egg white for a creamy mousse. Shake vigorously and serve with a maraschino cherry.

Can we make homemade génep, and if so, how?

It is entirely possible to make your own genepi and it is an adventure worth experiencing. Here's how you can create your own alpine elixir:

  1. The Collection : It all starts with harvesting the génepi plant, Artemisia genipi or other varieties of Artemisia. This step is crucial and is generally done in July or August, when the plant is in full bloom. Respect nature; pick in moderation.

  2. Maceration : Take about 40 sprigs of génepi and place them in a large jar. Pour 1 liter of 40-45% grain alcohol over it (the alcohol must be neutral so as not to alter the flavors). Close the jar and let the mixture macerate in the sun or away from direct light for about 40 days. Patience is your ally.

  3. Preparing the Syrup : While your génepi is steeping, prepare a simple syrup by heating water and sugar (the amount depends on your sugar preference, but a 1:1 ratio is common). Let cool.

  4. The Mixture : Once the maceration period is over, filter the alcohol to remove the plants. Mix this filtered alcohol with your cooled syrup. The intensity of the sugar can be adjusted according to your taste.

  5. Rest : Pour your homemade génep into bottles and let it rest. Some consume it immediately, but resting for a few weeks to a few months can improve the flavors, making them more rounded and harmonious.

  6. Tasting : Your homemade génep is ready. Serve it chilled, as a digestive or as a base for inventive cocktails.

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