Areni Noir, the emblematic grape variety of Armenia

red wine grape variety areni noir

When we talk about wines with a robust character, few grape varieties evoke adventure like Aréni Noir. Originally from the ancestral lands of Armenia, this grape variety is a true wine treasure. In this article, prepare to conquer the origins, the emblematic wine regions, the delicious food-wine pairings and the passionate producing estates that have made Areni Noir a wine apart.

The Mystery of the Origins of the Black Areni

Areni Noir, often simply called Areni, has origins deeply rooted in the history of Armenia, one of the oldest wine-growing lands in the world. This grape variety is estimated to have been cultivated in Armenia for over 6,000 years, making it one of the oldest grape varieties in the world. The Black Areni is considered the emblem of Armenian viticulture.

Aréni Noir is characterized by its deep red color, its aromas of red fruits, cherry, pomegranate and spices. It offers a complex palette of flavors, which evokes the history and terroir of Armenia.

The Sacred Lands of Black Areni

Black Areni is mainly grown in Armenia, but it has also found its way into some neighboring regions. The specific terroirs which highlight this unique grape variety are as follows:

  • Armenia : Areni Noir is the king grape variety of Armenia. It is grown throughout the country, from the mountains to the plains, producing varied wines ranging from light and fruity to full-bodied and complex.
  • Georgia : Although less common, Black Areni is also found in Georgia, where it is used to produce aromatic red wines.

What do you eat with a Black Areni?

Areni Noir wines are versatile in terms of food pairing and can pair with a variety of traditional Armenian dishes, including:

  • Khorovats : Khorovats is an Armenian grilled dish, often prepared with lamb or beef. The Areni Noir perfectly accompanies the grilled and spicy flavors of this dish.
  • Dolma : Stuffed vine leaves, or dolma, are a classic of Armenian cuisine. The freshness and spices of Areni Noir complement the flavors of rice, minced meat and herbs well.
  • Vegetable khorovats : For those who prefer a vegetarian version of khorovats, Black Areni also goes well with grilled marinated vegetables.
  • Armenian Cheeses : Armenian cheeses, such as chechil, brynza and string cheese, pair well with Areni Noir.

The Passionate Estates of Aréni Noir

Several producing estates in Armenia are committed to highlighting Areni Noir and creating quality wines. Here are some of these areas worth exploring:

  • Zorah Wines : Zorah Wines is recognized for its artisanally produced Areni Noir wines, using traditional and organic methods.
  • Karas Wines : Karas Wines was created in collaboration with Michel Rolland, a renowned oenologist, and is famous for its complex Areni Noir wines.
  • Trinity Canyon Vineyards : Located in the Vayots Dzor region, this estate produces elegant and concentrated Areni Noir wines, reflecting the unique terroir of the region.

Aréni Noir is much more than a grape variety. It is a window into Armenia's millennia-old history, a celebration of the unique flavors of this ancient land. As you explore Black Areni, you embark on a journey into the heart of Armenian culture and tradition, ready to be savored with every sip. See you on your next wine adventure!

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