Conquering Anjou Rouge appellation wines

anjou rouge domaine des rochelles

What is Anjou Rouge?

Anjou, nestled between the Pays Nantais and Touraine, enjoys a privileged position, benefiting from the climatic influences of these two wine-growing regions and sharing their soils. This vineyard, bathed by the Loire, offers an exceptional diversity of wines, reflecting the richness of its terroir and the skills of the winegrowers.

The red wines of Anjou are distinguished by their suppleness and power, perfectly expressing the unique character of the region. The whites, whether dry, tender or sweet, as well as the dry and sweet rosés, satisfy the most demanding palates. Add to that a variety of sparkling wines that sparkle with liveliness.

Where is the Anjou Rouge vineyard located?

The vineyard extends majestically from the banks of the Loire to the mouth of the Vienne to Ancenis, where the valley narrows. The influence of a temperate oceanic climate, characterized by moderate variations, creates the famous "Angevin sweetness". The soils of the Armorican Massif, on which the Anjou terroir is based, add a particular dimension to the diversity of the wines produced.

What grape varieties are used in the production of Anjou wines red?

Anjou red wines are made from a blend of grape varieties, reflecting the diversity and unique terroir of the region. The main grape varieties used in the production of Anjou red wines include:

  1. Cabernet Franc: An emblematic grape variety of the region, Cabernet Franc brings aromas of red fruits and a distinctive tannic structure.

  2. Cabernet Sauvignon: Often associated with Cabernet Franc, Cabernet Sauvignon adds notes of blackcurrant and green pepper, contributing to the complexity of the wines.

  3. Grolleau: A local grape variety, Grolleau is appreciated for its freshness and its aromas of red fruits. It can be used to sweeten wines.

  4. Gamay: Although more common in neighboring regions such as Touraine, Gamay can also be present in certain Anjou blends, providing fruity aromas.

  5. Pineau d'Aunis: A less common grape variety, but which can be used to add spicy and peppery nuances.

These grape varieties are selected according to the characteristics desired by the winemaker, allowing the creation of varied and captivating Anjou red wines. Discover red anjou .

Which producers are renowned for their Anjou wines red?

Anjou is home to several renowned producers who craft exceptional red wines. Among them, Domaine des Rochelles stands out for its commitment to quality and the authentic expression of the terroir. Château de la Roulerie, with its rich history and ancestral know-how, also produces red wines of great finesse. Domaine de Bablut is recognized for its carefully crafted vintages, reflecting the unique character of the Anjou terroirs.

In the Angevin wine landscape, Château de la Pierre Levée stands out for its artisanal approach and its attractive red wines. Finally, Domaine Richou, with its family heritage, offers balanced and expressive red wines, testifying to the authenticity of the region.

These producers, through their commitment to quality and their passion for the Angevin vineyard, help to make Anjou red wines gems to discover. Explore these exceptional estates and immerse yourself in the fascinating world of Anjou red wines.

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