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Sapinette liqueur from Maison Brandini is an ode to the majestic forests of the Alps, a captivating creation that celebrates the purity of small fir buds. Resulting from a meticulous maceration process, this liqueur embodies the spirit of the mountain and offers an exceptional sensory experience.

The small fir buds, carefully harvested in the high mountains, are meticulously macerated using an artisanal method. This creative process, carried out with deep respect for nature, captures the very essence of alpine forests. Each sip of Sapinette liqueur reveals the vibrant freshness and woody aromas characteristic of fir buds.

The crystalline color of the liqueur recalls the purity of snow-capped peaks, while the delicate perfume evokes a walk among the fir trees. On the palate, Sapinette offers a symphony of subtle aromas, mixing resinous, herbaceous and slightly sweet notes. A liqueur that evokes the tranquility of the mountains and transports you to a world of refined sensations.

La Sapinette from Maison Brandini, much more than a liqueur, is an invitation to discover the magic of the Alpine forests through a unique and memorable taste experience.

Grape varieties :

Alcohol : 31%

Guard :

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