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The Mandarin Liqueur from Maison Brandini, born from the union between Corsica and Sicily, is an artisanal work that celebrates the brightness and sweetness of citrus fruits. These organic mandarins, harvested with care in these sunny regions, embody the harmonious meeting between exceptional terroirs and traditional know-how.

Each tangerine, full of sunshine, is chosen with meticulous attention, with small organic farms contributing to the aromatic richness of this liqueur. The artisans of Maison Brandini, bearers of a timeless passion, perpetuate artisanal practices which transform each bottle into an ode to nature.

The artisan infusion of tangerine peel captures the very essence of this juicy and fragrant fruit. The resulting liqueur thus reveals a symphony of vibrant flavors, balancing the characteristic liveliness of citrus fruits with the natural sweetness of tangerines.

Grape varieties :

Alcohol : 31%

Guard :

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