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Limoncello from Maison Brandini is a syrupy and digestive liqueur from Naples in Campania. This liqueur is made from lemon zest harvested from Corsican or Sicilian farmers certified Organic. When tasting it, the careful extraction of lemon essential oils in the wine alcohol reveals a taste authenticity where acidity and gentle bitterness are perfectly balanced. This digestive, kept in the freezer, fully releases its aromas in the cold.

Its bright yellow hue is the result of specific manufacturing methods aimed at creating the ozo effect, giving limoncello its slightly cloudy appearance. This color remains stable over time because the drink is left unfiltered to preserve all its aromatic richness.

With an alcohol content of 31.5% vol, this limoncello can be enjoyed neat at the end of a meal as a digestive. It also fits brilliantly into the composition of various desserts and inventive cocktails. For an ideal taste experience, it is recommended to consume this Limoncello within six months of opening (it shouldn't be too hard), during which time the lemon essences are most expressive.

Grape varieties :

Alcohol : 31%

Guard :

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