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Maison Brandini's Génépi Liqueur is a vibrant tribute to the majestic peaks of Haute-Savoie, where this plant treasure is picked in the wild with total respect for the environment. Cultivated organically, Génépi reveals all its splendor in this artisanal liqueur, capturing the pure essence of the mountains.

The artisans of Maison Brandini, guardians of the natural heritage, delicately harvest these small golden flowers which dot the Alpine heights. Each stage of production, shaped by artisanal methods passed down from generation to generation, reflects a deep commitment to preserving biodiversity and celebrating local treasures.

The delicate infusion of Génépi flowers gives birth to a liqueur with complex and captivating aromas. At the heart of each sip, we feel the subtle balance between the warmth of herbaceous notes and the characteristic freshness of these steep mountains.

The Liqueur de Génépi thus embodies the soul of the French Alps, offering a sensory experience that transports lovers to the vast expanses of Haute-Savoie. This artisanal, organic and nature-friendly creation invites you to savor the aromatic richness of the Alpine peaks.

Grape varieties :

Alcohol : 21%

Guard :

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