Dry white wines

What is my style of foreign white wine?

We agree that it is not very easy to navigate all these countries, these regions and these grape varieties, but don't panic, we will explain to you how to find your way around a little better! To try to see things more clearly, we will separate white wines into 4 categories .


These are crisp, dry white wines that are a top choice for those who appreciate a touch of liveliness on the tongue, meaning acidity will be a dominant component in your glass compared to the body of the wine. It is often in hot weather that you will enjoy them the most or with fairly light dishes such as sushi or seafood platters. In France these are known wines such as Chablis , Sancerre , Muscadet, dry Riesling from Alsace and Entre-deux-Mers. We advise you to try Hungarian white wines, Australian Semillons, Sauvignon Blancs from New Zealand and Australia, Albarinos from northern Spain or even German and Australian Rieslings.



These are white wines that give the impression of being softer or smoother on the tongue, which means that the acidity is balanced by a roundness on the palate. This will add texture to the wine or as we say in tasting jargon: it gives fat. In France, we find this style in white wines from the Rhône valley (Croze-Hermitage, Saint-Joseph, Côte du Rhône), blended white wines from Languedoc-Roussillon but also dry pinot gris from Alsace, Chenin from Loire, as well as entry-level Chardonnays from Burgundy. Around the world, we therefore advise you to try white wines from Rioja and southern Spain, chardonnays from Australia and South America, white wines from Italy such as pinot grigio or even chenins. from South Africa.


These are white wines whose dominant component is roundness and whose texture is the highest among dry white wines. They have generally undergone aging in oak barrels and a second malolactic fermentation. The most typical representative of this style of white wine is Chardonnay with its great whites from Burgundy (Meursault, Chassagne-Montrachet), but the great wines from Bordeaux (Grave, Pessac-Léognan), Alsace, Loire, and of the Rhône (Condrieu, Hermitage) are also part of it. We therefore advise you to try the long-aged Chardonnays in barrels from South America, South Africa (Domaine Dorrance), Australia or even the great Rieslings from Germany. In general, these are often quite expensive wines.


These white wines have explosive aromas , fragrant with flowers and exotic fruits, which burst out of the glass and end up in your nose. In this case, it is the aromas that dominate everything else and the exuberance of this style of wine provokes quite varied tastes on the subject. In France, we will find this style of wine in Gewurztraminer from Alsace, dry Muscat and Muscadelle from the south of France. If you like this style of wine, we recommend trying Torrontes from Argentina , dry muscats from Italy and the famous Moscato D'Asti in its sparkling and sweet version!


On each bottle of wine, you can rely on the “ body ” gauge to get an idea of ​​the roundness of the white wine. The higher the gauge, the more voluminous the wine will be in the mouth.

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